Alovsat Muslumov

Alovsat Muslumov is an Azerbaijanian financial economist. He held positions as a professor of finance in Doğuş University, Istanbul Bilgi University, Boğaziçi University, Yeditepe University, Azerbaijan State Economics University and ADA University. He was was the youngest professor (received the position in 2008 at the age of 32) ever in Turkey. He is also the recipient of the Best Paper Awards given by Young Businessman Association of Turkey (TUGIAD) and Turkish Institutional Investment Managers’ Association. Professor Muslumov is the cofounder of Code Academy, an IT education company. He holds a BA from Istanbul University, an MBA in finance from the Istanbul Technical University, and a PhD in finance from Boğaziçi University.


“The Financial Analysis of Mergers”

Muslumov, Alovsat (2003), Capital Market Board, Ankara.

“Turkish SME’s in 21st Century"

Muslumov, Alovsat (2002), Literature Publications, Istanbul.

“Exchange Rate Regimes and Effects on the Economy ”

Muslumov, Alovsat, Mubariz Hasanov and Cenktan Ozyıldırım (2003), Association of Turkish Young Businessmen, Istanbul.

“The Role of Institutional Investors in Stock Market Development”

Muslumov, Alovsat and Guler Aras (2003), Association of Institutional Investors, Istanbul.

Consulting Activities



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University Description

Azerbaijan State Economic University

Azerbaijan - Baku 2013-2018

Istanbul Bilgi University

Turkey - Istanbul 2013-2018

Doğuş University

Turkey - Istanbul 2013-2018

Boğaziçi University

Turkey - Istanbul 2013-2018

Academic Diplomatic Academy University

Azerbaijan - Baku 2013-2018

Yeditepe University

Turkey - Istanbul 2013-2018


Resource Title

Resource Description

“Stock Markets and Economic Growth: A Casualty Test.”

“Premerger Discrimination between Acquirer and Targets.”

“The Effects of the Asian Crisis to Turkish Manufacturing Industry: The Case of Textile, Food and Cement Industries.”

“The Financial Analysis of Postmerger Performance of Surviving Firms.”

“ Evolving Market Efficiency in Istanbul Stock Exchange.“

"Does Privatization Lead To Improved Corporate Performance: The Case of Turkish Cement Industry.”

“Institutional Investors and Stock Market Development: A Causality Study.”

“Macroeconomic Stabilization Programs and Financial Performance of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Turkey.”

“Full Deposit Insurance and Moral Hazard Problem: The Case of Turkish Banking System.”

“The Effects of Insider Trading on the Stock Price Volatility ın an Emerging Market Setting: Evidence from Istanbul Stock Exchange.”

“Full Deposit Insurance and Moral Hazard Problem: The Case of Turkish Banking System.”

“Pairs Trading with Turkish Stocks.”

“The Profitability of Pairs Trading in an Emerging Market Setting: Evidence from the Istanbul Stock Exchange.“